the utopia

hey loves! so i just came back from my 1st escapade of the summer...destination..montreal! and let me tell you, the experience was beyond words..just unbelievably amazing!! i truly fell in love with the city, and unknowingly cherished all of its flaws. as i strolled down those endless streets, getting high off the rhythmical sounds of my ipod i couldn't imagine a cooler city. the atmosphere honestly elated my spirits, and i developed a newborn confidence. the street fashion and the urban vive were inspiring, and i WILL go back! ok so now im off, im boarding the plane in like 30 minutes to nicaragua(: peaceee

h&m dress, bcbg shoes, UO sling


Rain, i don't mind. Shine, the weathers fine.

a rainy day spent inside the house watching movies like "garden state", "breakfast club" and "priceless". although i didn't stay inside this whole day, i went to 'berry's for a quick bite to eat. oo and montreal is in 10 MORE DAYS(: i really cannot wait for: shopping, more shopping, and lastly.. SHOPPING! but i am dreading the 5 hour plane ride =/ long plane rides make me restless/nauseous (my trips to south america and europe were hell)

ensemble for going to lunch: BCBG shoes and vest, and citizens of humanity jeans

trying to be 'serious'

haha epic fail!

ive been nonstop listening to 'the shins' after wathing and falling in love with garden state <3
they truly do 'change your world' ;)


working in the corner, peeking over shoulders, waiting for my time to come.

quote of the day: "knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" --jimi hendrix

im excited to see what adventures life has planned for me today(: i have absolutely no idea what may happen, but isn't that the fun of it?

outfit for taking on the world: BCBG shoes, jumper from a vintage boutique, and dooney and bourke purse. (i really need to purchase jewelry, like ASAP!!) oo and i finally got a twitter! if you have one, tell me so i can follow you <3

p.s. try to spot the buddha (im starting to develop an OCD, i can't leave the house without having the Buddha in my purse)

Current Obsessions:Patti Smith's documentary 'dream of life' and Lykke Li

oo and im getting a new nikon camera! im so thrilled, now i can capture the essence of my summer excursions(:


back from my torpor!

soo sorry i have completely abandoned this child of mine =/ ive been meaning to do a couple of outfit posts, but i was just too lazy! (the whole 'le rève' theme is really taking a toll on me.. *yawn*) so far i HAVE been living up to my summer expectations, although i do plan on being even more rebellious. today's agenda was comprised of chilling with the coolest people, stuffing our faces with sushi, cracking up to 'the hangover', and making a quick stop at urban outfitters (where i bought a cute little Buddha representing 'harmony', haha its my latest obsession)

my outfit-lucky dress, brown fringe sandals, vintage dooney and bourke purse:

listening to: daylight by matt and kim


What happens when bloggers are best friends

they have random photo shoots, on lazy Saturday's

My ensemble: floral dress from vintage boutique 'blush', paired with brown fringe shoes, and my beloved urban outfitters sling.
Young Damsel's ensemble: pink top from forever 21, a vintage dooney and bourke purse (which im totally obsessed with), and my electric blue lovers <3 div="">


Current Aspiration:

To become a complete NON CONFORMIST
i'm probably just reading too much Emerson :)


sorry for not updating so often! my mind has simply been somewhere else. i promise next week i will have a well-thought out post

photo credit: dripbook


electric blue lovers

a steve madden buy :) 
they will def catch some attention for tonight
please excuse my really pale skin right now =/

listen to Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel


Love yourself-be reckless

Have you ever had the experience of love.. Lustful love to be exact? The kind that makes you anxiety prone, a sudden insomniac, a complete melodramatic, and a helpless romantic. I haven’t really had the pleasure..that complete loss of control. I pride myself, most days, as a level headed individual. However, there have been a few days-accumulating throughout the years, when I wish I was reckless. Reckless in the sense that I don’t have to care about others’ opinions/judgments, and worry about future repercussions. Reckless in the sense that I value my feelings first and follow my heart's "crush".
So many wars, plays, revolutions, riots, and novels have been based on this feeling of love. As a simple observer, I can say that a person simply seems completely out of their body when they gaze into the eyes of their significant other. Into the “other” that clandestinely became a whole. Sometimes, love reaches a point that make “I” s turn into “We”s. There is no more other, the person now joins their lover and makes a unit. This phenomenon is what inspires the masterminds of these very wars, plays, revolutions, etc. It completely defies the laws of science. What was once two, suddenly becomes one. It must be nice to allow an"other" into one's life, enabling inner daemons to temporarily hide. The daemons that leave one feeling insecure, lonely, that force one to be “level-headed” instead of reckless.
The daemons that cause you to nitpick at every flaw, so that maybe, just maybe, you’ll be good enough. Good enough to relish a morsel of this phenomenon,generally referred to as love.

photo credit: le-love and dripbook



Happy mothers day! here are some photos of ma mère, even though at times i cant stand her, i will always love her <3
Nellie Victoire:
im leaving in a few minutes to my aunts house. my mom has 6 sisters, so we're celebrating huge.

P.S. i still have to show you photos of the amazing experience i had at the KOL concert! next post i swear. four words: my life is complete.


LISTEN TO: "Things are what you make of them" by Bishop Allen

RIGHT NOW! no explanations, just DO IT, and your world will change :)



ugh, so i guess you can say im pretty bummed since i didn't get the summer job i was hoping for :( and what really sucks is that i actually thought i had a chance. stupid me. doesn't working at american apparel, $8 an hour, and getting discounts just sound absolutely rad? well it did to me. i just have to remember that everything happens for a reason... the trippy sounds of jimi hendrix is working fabulous for my 'coping' stage. oo and these photos made me laugh:

MOTTO OF THE DAY: when shit happens in your life, forget about it and move on.



"i sing i swim"- seabear
"the plot"- white rabbits
"eyes"- rogue wave
"black dog"- led zeppelin
"eres mi religion", "me valè", "manda una senal", "en el muelle de san blas", "como te deseo"- manà
"purple haze"- jimi hendrix
"sunrise"- yeasayer
"one week of danger", "rich girls" - the virgins
"melody day"- caribou
"Eleanor rigby", "we can work it out", "day tripper", "let it be"- the Beatles
"very loud", "normandie"- shout out louds
"the blower's daughter"- damien rice
"all those pretty lights", "ill be your breeze", "in your sleep", "replace me" - Andrew belle
"buildings and mountains" -the republic tigers
"where does the good go"- tegan and sara
"fireworks"- animal collective
"can you tell"- ra ra riot


Purple Haze

The equation of a typical Sunday: cupcakes + family + movies = le meilleur jour de la semaine. Sunday's are so isolated/different from all the other days of the week, one actually has the time to sit back and relax. or to contemplate on the lyrics of Jimi Hendrix, "excuse me while i kiss the sky." i can truly identify myself with that quote!

my ensemble for this chillen day:
sweater-moms, vintage
jeans- citizens of humanity
bag- urban outfitters
shoes- urban
bangle- london street corner


Can stealing be an option?

The urban outfitters catalog. i pretty much want every single fucking item. im even considering stealing...jk :)

so happy summer time is around the corner, i feel so giddy :)

LISTENING TO: I still care for you by Ray LaMontagne