Love yourself-be reckless

Have you ever had the experience of love.. Lustful love to be exact? The kind that makes you anxiety prone, a sudden insomniac, a complete melodramatic, and a helpless romantic. I haven’t really had the pleasure..that complete loss of control. I pride myself, most days, as a level headed individual. However, there have been a few days-accumulating throughout the years, when I wish I was reckless. Reckless in the sense that I don’t have to care about others’ opinions/judgments, and worry about future repercussions. Reckless in the sense that I value my feelings first and follow my heart's "crush".
So many wars, plays, revolutions, riots, and novels have been based on this feeling of love. As a simple observer, I can say that a person simply seems completely out of their body when they gaze into the eyes of their significant other. Into the “other” that clandestinely became a whole. Sometimes, love reaches a point that make “I” s turn into “We”s. There is no more other, the person now joins their lover and makes a unit. This phenomenon is what inspires the masterminds of these very wars, plays, revolutions, etc. It completely defies the laws of science. What was once two, suddenly becomes one. It must be nice to allow an"other" into one's life, enabling inner daemons to temporarily hide. The daemons that leave one feeling insecure, lonely, that force one to be “level-headed” instead of reckless.
The daemons that cause you to nitpick at every flaw, so that maybe, just maybe, you’ll be good enough. Good enough to relish a morsel of this phenomenon,generally referred to as love.

photo credit: le-love and dripbook


  1. You speak so well about how love is. Spot on, that I was feeling everything you mentioned in my own relationship. Unfortunately though, recklessness can be harmful in a relationship so I've discovered that for myself and now look out for myself and those around me, while helplessly in love at the same time. Lovin' it! xx

  2. Thanks for following me, and for your super comment. I'm glad you came by, so that i got to see your blog too. Lovely passage, so eloquently written. And the accompanying photos are terrific. MUAH! :)


  3. These photos are fantastic! Your writing is very good ... I enjoyed reading this post!


  4. very interesting post!
    i haven't experience this feeling of "recklessness" but I think for the time being, I'd rather something a little less intense! completely gorgeous photographs by the way, into my inspiration folder they go...

  5. "Into the “other” that clandestinely became a whole."

    gorge .

  6. Beautiful pictures and words! :)

  7. I just added you :)

    I love the photos, stunning

  8. Totally agree with everything you say here. Love is wild and confusing, but also great. xx

  9. I love the feeling i get when i come onto your page...lovely! x


  10. You write so exceptionally. Your writing, the pictures, and the song playing (La Valse d'Amelie) all go so well together.

  11. your words in this post and many others i see are deep
    words are my foreplay so my eyes are enticed with the way you choose to speak

  12. your pictures just get better and better!

  13. Hmmm.. oh, love.

    I really like the second photograph. The top is lovely and her hair looks ever so sweet done up that way and with an added clip.

    xo k