Lilo rockin Nylon

Linsay Lohan is featured in the new issue of Nylon... Happy 10th anniversary :)

sexy and edgy. Lilo is just utterly fab. I need to buy a pair of boots like those... its going to be a part of my 'wish list' for this summer

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Here are some amazing finds i found at a vintage storee :) hope you like!

60's mini dress
80's gucci tan leather and vinyl canvas
60's baby doll mini dress
70's ruffle sheer mini dress

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Jupiters Darling

i'm speechless. my next outfits will be inspired from these looks. A rush of new ideas/inspiration came over me when i spotted this album on drip book. it has a 70's/rock and roll feel to it. lately ive been drawn to this decade, from the bell bottoms to the striking patterns, i just can't get enough of it. but of course i won't imitate these outfits. ill add a touch of my natural style, to make it completely original :)

photographer: Alex Covo
model: Aleksandra Martynyuk
stylist: Anna Katsanis

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Un reve de creation is now LE RÊVE
you like?
haha i have to give credit to my best friend and fellow fashion blogger monika jeune rêveur, for coming up with this short, sweet title. L.O.V.E. her!
her blog: youngdamsel.blogspot.com

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"Id like to turn the whole world on just for a moment...just for a moment."

Ahh i can spend hours just talking about how much edie inspires me. She is my muse. Edie is sexy yet innocent and completely enchanting. She dazzled people with her looks, charm, and style. She is beauty truly defined and through her photos and documentaries Edie still has the gift to inspire and captivate. 

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Loving Vanessa Brunno

I'm absolutely loving Vanessa Brunno's fall 2009 collection, showcased in Paris Fashion Week. 
French. Urban. chic. 
I'm officially obsessed.

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Ballerina, you must of seen her dancing in the sand

Just Going for a quick brunch at Greenstreet cafe. Dress from Zara, shoes from Aldo, and purse from urban outfitters. 

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Relations, Creation, Incarceration

this was the ensemble i wore for my older sister's (Amelie Bijoux Love) 18th birthday dinner. We celebrated her birthday, in a secluded restaurant called Barton G's in Miami beach. The restaurant had an air of relaxed sophistication; with miami socialites dining in the nonchalant outdoor garden. The dishes were so creative and unique.. LITERALLY! i ordered the 'brick house chicken', and the chicken was served on top of a brick. My sister ordered 'popcorn shrimp' as an appetizer, and the shrimp came with popcorn! it was amazing. My look was inspired by the Miami beach scene. airy white shirt outlined with purple and gold embroidery paired with purple pumps..not my usual outfit choice, but perfect for the occasion/ambiance. The shirt is from a boutique at south beach, shoes are Michael Kors, and bangles come from some street seller in Croatia

Pictures from dinner

Amelie with birthday desert :)

LISTENING TO: Let the Drummer Kick by Citizen Cope


Viva La Vida

Okk..so i know that Coldplay's Viva La Vida album came out last summer, but i CAN'T help myself! To shorten my immense love for Coldplay: Chris Martin is god. and his songs are my religion. Although Coldplay's former albums were sick!! i think Viva La Vida was the most compelling and impactful. I find truth and consolement within the lyrics. What can i say i am like an Alchoholic; and Viva La Vida is my vodka.

Love his jacket! very 'french revolutionary'

Songs you HAVE to Check out:
Death and all his friends: beautiful meaning. after listening to this song, i became a full time addict.
Lost?: i can play this on the piano :)
Strawbery Swinging: i spin around my room listening to it! it makes you feel carefree and time seems so..foreign.