Viva La Vida

Okk..so i know that Coldplay's Viva La Vida album came out last summer, but i CAN'T help myself! To shorten my immense love for Coldplay: Chris Martin is god. and his songs are my religion. Although Coldplay's former albums were sick!! i think Viva La Vida was the most compelling and impactful. I find truth and consolement within the lyrics. What can i say i am like an Alchoholic; and Viva La Vida is my vodka.

Love his jacket! very 'french revolutionary'

Songs you HAVE to Check out:
Death and all his friends: beautiful meaning. after listening to this song, i became a full time addict.
Lost?: i can play this on the piano :)
Strawbery Swinging: i spin around my room listening to it! it makes you feel carefree and time seems so..foreign.


  1. uhh i LOVE his jacket too!!! cool blog :)

  2. oh and p.s. i like those songs too :)