beautiful, dirty, rich

So first day of spring break and what do i do? go to Lady Gaga concert with my friends. Amazing? no. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! she is so unique and gahh im obsessed, there aren't enough words to describe how much i love her, and her music. the concert was at a club, and we were standing above her with a perfect view of everything. i was swaying my body to the music, and mouthing the lyrics to songs like 'poker face', 'love game' and 'Paparazi'. Her talent for theatrics and entertaining makes her an unforgettable performer, and one of my fav artists. It was Chester French and the White tie Affair that performed before her. and guess what? they were also INCREDIBLE! ughh i would do anything to relive the night.
drinking + dancing + Lady Gaga = great way to start off spring break :)

LISTEN TO: The Fame album


  1. k,
    i pretty much ADORE your blog.
    and lady gaga <3
    great way to start the spring break, by the way .


    ps) if you want to and have time, i tagged you in something (:

  2. what a great start to spring break! I heard her voice is actually much deeper...is it true?
    you're super lucky!

  3. Shes fuckn fantastic isnt she!!
    Shes coming to New Zealand! I have tickets to her concert, can not wait!!!!

    Love your blog, think ill follow...join me?